What are Sears Silvertone guitars?

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I want to know about Sears Silvertone guitars, how is Fat Mike associated with strange looking bass. Can anyone tell me about their link with each other.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Sears used the name of Silverstone for their musical instruments and also the sound equipment which was used from the year 1930’s to 1972. Silverstone became the brand of Sears radios and phonographs since the year 1915 and it replaced the Superstone band. This brand became very popular among the musicians like Jerry Garcia, Rudy Sarzo, Chet Atkins, Bob Dylan, Garry Nutt, John Fogerty, Tom Fogerty, Jack White, James Hetfield, Dave Grohl, Phil Keaggy, Mark Knopfler, Mikee Plastik and countless others had a silverstone for their first electric guitars, bass or accoustic guitar.
    The Canadian band Chad Allan and the Silverstones, which will later become The Guess Who, they also took its name from the line of instruments. Vintage Silverstone amplifiers were used by Jack White of The White Stripes. The collectors have used high prices to to sell the guitar at high costs. The guitar itself is a very short scale of about the size of 18 fret neck and it also had a small built in amplifier. Beck also used a unique guitar and it was stickered with an old Rush sticker and a sticker that said I love country music. The name of the guitar was Danelectro Silverstone 1448. Silverstone guitars nowadays have a curved hook shape at their heads.
    Silverstone is a brand name also used by Samick Music Corporation. A model of Harmonica is also named by Silverstone by Huang Harmonicas.

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