Farmall M governer repairs

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I have a old Farmall MV that has been sitting for 5 years. Last weekend after wireing the tractor nev completely and replacing the coil, and dist. IT started. runs good on level ground but when putting the tractor under any kind of a load, the power goes away and almost shuts down.
It is getting very fustrating and I believe that it is the governer but do not understand how to test or adjust the anmial can anyone help?
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  1. Guest10155268
    On the left front ahead of the carb is a housing with a flat cover plate. remove 6 or 8 small bolts and remove the cover. Inside are the gov parts which are a system of counter weights. Make sure they are all there and in good condition. Also there is a shaft which goes to the carb through a pipe from the gov housing. It adds fuel and power when the engine loads up. If it is broken of not working the gov can't do its job. Worn, broken or missing parts in this area could be the problem. Symptoms would be not responding to a load, erratic or galloping idle, galloping rpm at any throttle setting, etc

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