Famous places of Thatta for tourists to visit

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I am in Karachi and want to visit Thatta. Please tell me which are the famous places of Thatta for tourists to visit?

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    Famous places to visit in Thatta, Pakistan: • Chaukani are 15 - 18th century tombs scattered on a large area. Each tomb is unique in it design and motifs. Rich carved sandstone depicting the relation of the local tribes with the neighboring Iran, central Asia and Turkey. • Banbhore is an archeological site of Daibal excavated in 1962, is the site where Alexander the great established a town in 325 BC and then the first Muslim conqueror in South East Asia came in 711 AD.It is Beautiful site with a small museum. • Jamia Masjid is built by the Moghal Emperor Shah Jehan who also built Taj Mahal. • Makli Tombs (15th - 17th centuries), a vast necropolis spread over 15.5 km², depicting exquisite specimens of architecture, stone carvings and glazed tile decorations. • Haleji Lake is a famous bird sanctuary • Keenjhar Lake is located 24 kms from Thatta is the biggest man-made lake of the country. The place has been developed into a resort with boating & fishing facilities. • Sunway Lagoon Water park is located 20kms from Thatta, on the way to Karachi.

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