Family members of Elvis Presley.

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I like to know about the family members of Elvis Presley, where Elvis spend his early childhood and how many brothers and sisters he has, can anyone tell?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in the city of Tupelo , in the state of Mississippi. His mother name is Vernon Elvis and his father name is Gladys Love Presley. His mother was 18 and his father was 22 years old when Elvis was born. Presley was the only child of his parents and became very close to his mother. Elvis found his musical inspiration while attending church Assembly of God. He family was Western and European mix as his mother was Scottish and Irish, while his father’s background was Scottish and German. Gladys was regarded as dominant member of the family. Initially the living condition of the family of Elvis was not very good as most of the time they relied upon government for food assistance and for on the neighbors for help. Vernon was found guilty in a bank case and due to which they lost their home in 1938.
    He was sent to jail and because of that both Gladys and Elvis had to move to their relatives. In 1941, Elvis entered a school at East Tupelo where he was regarded as an average student but they say the talent of music in Elvis and he was encouraged to enter the singing contest after his schoolteachers got impressed from his talent. His song Red Foley and Old sheep caught the attention of people in the school during the morning prayers. Time passed and Elvis received a present of guitar from his uncle, he also took some classes from the instructors of music to learn and started his music career in this way.

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