Fact number TWELVE behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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What is the TWELVETH fact lurking behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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    Quite surprisingly, the ICC announced organizing the 3rd ICC T20 World Cup in April 2010 which was supposed to be taking place sometime in year 2011 as there has been two years gap between two successive T20 world cups. Somehow, ICC did not want Pakistan to enjoy their T20 World Cup triumph for 2 years and wanted India to yet again clinch the title. Despite the fact that Pakistan were champions in last T20, they still were not allowed to play IPL perhaps to keep the Pakistani players remain out of practice so as to play in India. Somehow, the plan did not work out for ICC and India as well when the Indians, the winner of inaugural ICC T20 Cup, once again failed to make it to the final four. The teams reaching final included Australia, England, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. In the second semi-final, Pakistan lost to Australia despite putting up a big total on the board. Their key spin bowler Saeed Ajmal was fiercely taken over by Australia’s Mike Hussey in the final over, thus Pakistan losing the match in the very last moment. Somehow, Pakistan missed their bowler Umer Gul who did not feature this T20 tournament due to injury. Nevertheless, India was still not able to make an impression as they were out of the tournament before the semi-final round. Hence the dream to see India at the top once again after 2007 failed and the last hope was the World Cup 2011, which was to be played in India.

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