Fact number THIRTEEN behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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What is the THIRTEENTH fact behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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    It was nothing less than a heart attack or rather a big insult both for the Indian Cricket and the ICC when India failed to reach the final round of the T20 world championship for the second time in a row. Despite the fact that the Indians were playing IPL that featured some great players in the international cricket their performance in the last T20 world cups was very disappointing, unlike Pakistan, who were not playing IPL and just having Cricket at the domestic level, even then made it to the final four three times in a row. This was an alarming situation for the Indian Cricket as they were not looking very formidable to win the world cup 2011. Besides, the Pakistan team started to feature some good players in their side who just did not performed beautifully in the last two T20 cups but seemed very promising to continue the same performance in the coming big events as well. The only chance left for India to be on the top of the world was by winning the world cup 2011 as it was to be on their home ground with conditions favouring them more than any other team. By any means, both ICC and BCCI were not at all prepared to see India lose again as there was lot of money involved in Indian Cricket. They only had a threat from some Pakistani players who were proving to be very lethal with the time passing on and so India could sense trouble out of them.

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