Facial nerve damage due to dental work. face swollen of left side, can't smile on left side

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face swollen of left side, can't smile on left side

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  1. Leonardo
    Scientists believe that they have come a step closer to understanding the severe 'neuropathic' pain that affects thousands of people in the UK alone. This pain is caused by subtle nerve damage, in some cases making even the lightest touch result in agony. Scientists at the National Institute of Health Sciences in Tokyo have unlocked some of the mystery behind this often excrutiating pain. Various physical conditions can appear to initiate the nerve damage that causes this pain, such as viral infections, surgery and diabetes. Please consult your Doctor as soon as possible. Thanks for asking take care of yourself.

  2. Arslan Masaud
    I suspect that you will return to normal as the nerve and other tissues heal. I think the medicine regiment sounds "appropriately aggressive" meaning that the doctor seems to be doing everything they can to get you healed. I think only time will tell and let the healing process continue. I don't have any specific websites that will answer the questions you are asking. The treatment, prognosis, etc., comes from book knowledge, but also the experience of the doctor. Hope it helps

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