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How to block Facebook friend from seeing your photos, I want that all of my facebook friends cannot view my all pictures I have uploaded on my facebook account.

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  1. Angelina

     You may be new to Facebook, or perhaps you've utilized it for years. But did you understand you can impede a Facebook ally from glimpsing your photos? You can command who can glimpse your images and photograph albums and should powerfully address utilizing this characteristic if you have a kind of associates from distinct assemblies (work, communal, school, etc.) that may find some photographs unsuitable, etc.!

    1. Log on to Facebook.
    2. In the top right hand corner (as of this composing - Facebook alterations layouts periodically) gaze for the phrase "Account" and bang it. A drop-down list will burst up.
    3. Choose the piece that states "Privacy Settings" and bang that. It will take you to another sheet with the name heading of "Privacy Settings" and some choices listed.
    4. Click the first choice, "Profile Information" which will have a entire register of items. For reasons of this item, I am focusing on how to change your photograph privacy. Look for my other items on how to defend other privacy data on Facebook.
    5. Halfway down the Facebook "Profile Information" computer display there will be two distinct listings about photos.
    6. The first one I will address is "Photos and Videos of me". This concerns to any images or videos in which you've been tagged, significance somebody has dispatched a photograph and adhered your title to it. When you have been tagged in certain thing it should mechanically drive it to your own Facebook profile so you will know.
    7. Next to it will be a drop-down list button. Click that and it adds up a list. These are all the choices you have for impeding who can glimpse anything you've been tagged in. You can allow:
    8. -Everyone (anyone at all)
    9. -Friends of Friends (meaning Joe isn't on your ally register, but he is a ally of Suzy, and Suzy is on your ally register so Joe would be adept to glimpse them)
    10. -Only Friends (only titles on your ally register can outlook them - in the demonstration overhead, Suzy can but Joe can't)
    11. -Customize
    12. Customize permits you to choose certain associates to glimpse it or certain associates to impede and is comprehensive in the next some steps.
    13. To customize (block) some of your associates from glimpsing tagged Facebook photographs and videos: Select "Customize"
    14. It adds up a carton with green ascertain assess and "Make Visible to these people" with a drop-down list proposing "Friends of Friends", "Only Friends", "Specific People" and "Only Me".
    15. "Specific People" permit you to choose the associates you desire to be adept to outlook tagged photos/video. Use this if you have a little fistful of associates you desire to permit so you are allocating only them access.
    16. "Only Me" entails no one but you can outlook the pieces tagged.
    17. Below the green ascertain assess "Allow..." part is a red X with "Hide from these people" option.
    18. If you have selected "Friends of Friends" or "Only Friends" you can use this choice if you have a fistful (or just one) individual on your Facebook ally register that you desire to conceal tagged photographs and videos from.
    19. Start typing the title of your Facebook ally in the carton and it will add it. Add as numerous impeded titles as you require to (your overseer, your grandma...!) and then bang "Save Settings" to make your alterations proceed into effect. If you don't bang "Save Settings" it will revert to anything your preceding backgrounds were.
    20. Once they are kept, you will be returned to the "Privacy Settings - Profile Information" page. You should observe a little secure with your alternative now - for example a secure besides "Only Friends - Except John Doe" which notifies you has impeded John Doe from glimpsing any tagged photographs or video of you on Facebook.
    21. To impede get access to photographs in Facebook albums you conceive, you will pursue alike steps.
    22. Complete steps 1-4 above. In step 5 you will gaze for "Photo Albums" which is right under "tagged photos".
    23. There is a button to the right called "Edit Settings" which you will click. It will convey up the register of all of your photograph albums.
    24. Next to each Facebook photograph album, encompassing your profile picture/pictures, you will glimpse another of the drop-down meal lists that will permit you to select "Everyone", "Friends of Friends", "Only Friends" or "Customize".
    25. Follow the identical steps to conclude on each album who you desire to permit get access to. You can choose distinct privacy backgrounds for each album.
    26. If you select to "Customize" it devotes you the identical proficiency to permit only certain persons by title, impede only certain persons by title, or even permit "Only Me" if it is just an on-line photograph album for you that you don't desire to share or aren't prepared to share with anyone.
    27. Continue choosing privacy backgrounds for each album you have.
    28. Remember that you can habitually proceed back and change or edit a setting at any time.
    29. When you conceive new Facebook photograph albums, you will have the possibility to set the privacy on them then - be certain you do!
    30. Keeping photographs impeded on Facebook from certain associates is a very good concept to defend your privacy and hold associates in perspective. Many of us have a large mesh of Facebook associates but overlook that a photograph we might love to share with a best ally isn't certain thing we desire the close by down the road or a co-worker to see!

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