Facebook Launching Group Buying for it's users, will Groupon be able to compete with them?

by Guest22940263  |  8 years, 11 month(s) ago

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you think Living Social, Google Deals, Groupon can compete facebook for social group buying model.

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  1. Guest28153779

    It is difficult for facebook to compete with Groupon becuase they are in market from a long time

  2. Guest22950220

     I think Facebook Deals is going to be a lot of competition for Groupon. They already have a great consumer base, and people feel comfortable using Facebook to buy group buying deals with their friends instead of strangers.

    A great site to find deals and sales in your area from Groupon and other sites is They'll send you a daily email with the best buys in your area, ensuring you won't miss out on this new trend.

  3. Guest22940883

     I believe that groupon will give tough time to Facebook, since they are in market since long.

  4. Muhammad Usman
    There is no doubt that Facebook can comete and other sites like this because Facebook is second largest site of the world which have millions of members and approx. 400 million user of the Facebook activley login in their account once a week and 50% are visits everyday so they have huge audience to promote their products etc.
  5. Guest22940331

    "It will be worth watching competition" as
    Groupon has been in the market for a long time, company worth is of almost above $15billion and also in a hand of a great management above. For Groupon they may already have more than one contegency plans in their seleves.

    Facebook on the other hand have the upper hand in data and is more renowned than Groupon. Facebook just have to analyse where and when to hit the market.

    Groupon will obviously going to struggle alot for their top position once Facebook hits the market.

  6. Guest22940304

    i think facebook cant compete with groupon, coz groupon is user friendly while in facebook it wudnt be that easy getting deals, u will have to click alot

  7. nabeeltrq

     Everyone knows that Facebook holds the largest number of audience on their website and if facebook is planning to launch something like this then i don't think Groupon will be able to compete with it. Facebook is well known all over the world and implementing such kind of service will not be hard for Facebook to implement. Groupon on the other hand have the share of audience which are not unique. Not everytime the same user come and check groupon on regular basis. whereas facebook everyone connect with it atleast once a day (Which is a very less number because i log on to facebook 10 to 15 times a day and call myself less interactive facebook user), so there is a different in audience here .

  8. Guest22940293

    Facebook will be a serious threat to all the other Deals based services like livingsocial, groupon or google deals. The reason being the already available audience. FB has over 500 million people onboard. 

    If I had to choose, I would put my bet on Facebook!

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