Does anyone know about the football eye shields?

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American football is well known and famous game around the world. My name is John and I am 14 years old. I want to know about the football eye shields. Can someone tell me about it? I hope you can share with me your knowledge about it. Thanks

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  1. liza amelia

    hi....An eye-shield is a small piece of plastic that slides into your football helmet and protects your eyes from being hit. These shields can cost upwards of $50 dollars a piece, as of publication.  

  2. Judi

    Football eye Shields or visors were initially damaged by players to avert eye wounds, but that swapped to wearing the eye Shields for attractiveness with the issue of new designs. To regulate the kind of eye protects damaged by players, associations and partitions enforced exact directions considering the visors. These directions often disagree amidst states and age assemblies, but every direct is conceived for defending the players while stopping any unjust advantages.
    Eye shields should be assembled from non-breakable components with circular borders enclosed in resilient material to avert any chipping or burrs that could possibly origin injuries. According to the National Federation of State football associations, all eye protects should be made from clear, molded and rigid materials. The durable components permit the eye protects to withstand the personal claims of a game without impersonating an important wound risk.
    If players need tinted eye protection, they can use communicate lenses or games goggles. As football gear manufacturers constantly issue new goods, the directions on football eye protect are subject to change. These alterations could happen throughout the middle of the time of the year or between seasons. Consult your association leader for any comprehensive inquiries considering the present directions on eye shields.


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