Exterior and interior choices for Jaguar XJ Super sport

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Hi, I am looking for some information about the choices available for interior and exterior of Jaguar XJ Super sport. If anyone of you have information about it please share it with me.

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  1. Duke

     The XJ Super sport mingles spectacular execution with outstanding craftsmanship and superb allocation to make the eventual demonstration of power and uniqueness.

    Exterior Choices:

    -          Two standard and eight metallic paints

    -          The XJ Super sport has 20" Mataiva alloy wheels as standard. Eight other 19" and 20" alloy wheel designs are available at an additional cost.

    Interior Choices

    -          Color ways in standard specification (all with matching headlining):

    -          Bordeaux seats with Bordeaux upper facia

    -          Jet seats with Jet upper facia

    -          London Tan seats with Jet upper facia

    -          Parchment seats with Bordeaux upper facia

    -          Parchments seats with Truffle Tipped upper facia

    -          Parchment seats with Navy upper facia

    Optional color ways (additional cost):

    -          Jet seats with Jet upper facia and Jet tipped leather trim

    -          Parchments seats with Truffle tipped upper facia and Truffle tipped leather trim

    Veneers in standard specification:

    -          Gloss Rich Oak with linear laser inlay

    -          Gloss Figured Ebony with ribbon laser inlay

    -          Satin Zebrano

    -          Gloss Walnut Curl

    -          Carbon Fibre

    -          Piano Black

    Additional options:

     XJ Rear Seat Comfort Pack includes reclining seats, four-way adjustment for the lower back, a massage feature, footrests and winged headrests. On left hand drive vehicles the rear seat passenger can move the front seat forward at the touch of a button to create more leg room.

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