Explain the various merits and demerits of verbal communication?

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Explain the various merits and demerits of verbal communication?

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  1. Leonardo
    ADVANTAGES OF VERBAL COMMUNICATION ARE; No use of technology to interact that would waste natural resources. It is the fastest way of interaction with each other. It is less expensive to interact with people. It is more easier to understand a conversation than some other multimedia means of communication. During a verbal communication you can utilize nonverbal cues such as tone, body language, inflection. You can have long conversations. And does not require lots of repetitions. Because it is clear. It can be used every where you go only if the person you are interacting with is with you. Speech can be direct and to the point. Some non-verbal communication such as gestures have different meaning in different countries. DISADVANTAGE OF COMMUNICATION ARE; It can be quickly forgotten You can not provide legal evidence. Sometimes, you can not remember each and every point. Poor presentation of the message or the instruction can result in misunderstanding and wrong responses.

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