Excavation of angle iron

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I have a Bar b q pit, that was built back in the 70's. It has a grill opening of about 4 ft. plus. over the years the angle iron has deteriated and expanded the normal 3/8" joint to at least a 1",thus causing the chimney to tilt away at least 5 degrees out of plumb. My suggestion to my friend was to replace the angle iron without breaking down the complete chimney.Does this sound like a logical solution and if so what would be the best way to do it. If not, how would you remedy the problem.

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  1. Guest305597
    Job completed!!! Removed the immediate row of brick seating on the deteriated angle iron, after which, I was able to remove the angle iron. Installed new angle iron, reset row of excavated brick, point and tuck joint above, job done.

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