Example of non-prose material?

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Example of non-prose material?

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     non prose materials such as graphs,charts,tables and maps and photographs need to be interpreted for clarity.readers would be able to understand non-prose materials effectively if the writer is keen about the use of each type: 

    GRAPHS translate numbers to picture.plotted as a set of points on a coordinate system, a graph shows the relationship between 2 variables. graphs are especially useful for displaying comparisons, changes over time, patterns or trends. 

    CHARTS and graphs are often used interchangeably. but a chart is more precisely a figure that displays relationships that are not plotted on a coordinate system. commonly used charts include pie charts, organizational charts,flow charts, tree charts, and pictorial charts ( pictograms). 

    TABLES display exact quantities, compare sets of data, and present information systematically and economically. 

    MAPS are especially useful for showing comparisons and for helping users to "visualize" position, location, and relationships among complex data. 

    PHOTOGRAPHS are especially useful for showing what something looks like or how something is done

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     ambot sa inyo mga buang mo....hehehehe

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