Examples of Environmental Physics

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I have a question regarding a branch of physics that is related to the environment. The branch is actually known as the environmental physics and I would like to have some examples related to environmental physics.

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  1. Harry

     Physics can never be taken in isolation when dealing with environmental problems. It does however play a pivotal role in exploring, monitoring and above all understanding the world we live in, and our effects on it, both on local and a global scale. Environmental Physics is defined as the application of the Laws of Physics in order to provide a description of the natural environment. We can see that most of the environmental issues like global warming, nuclear waste, ozone layer depletion, energy crisis, air, soil and water pollution, electronic waste etc can be understood from the perspective of Physics. Hence the study of Environmental Physics becomes even more important than ever. Environmental Physics, as its name implies, is the application of the principles of physics to problems in the natural environment. It provides a comprehensive introduction to this increasingly important area of applied physics. Environmental Physics provides a basis for understanding the complex responses of plants and animals to environmental change. International concern with climate change has made both politicians and the general public much more aware of the impact of local and global weather on all aspects of domestic life, industry and commerce. Environmental Physics has become more widely used by biologists, atmospheric scientists and climate modelers to specify interactions between surfaces and the atmosphere.

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    Example of environment that related to physics?

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