When was Even Now album released?

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My brother listens even now album and need to know about even now album also want to know about their song composer. Can someone tell me that when was it released?

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  1. Judi

     EVEN NOW is truly one of Manilow's most introspective '70s recordings. It's full of files about failed and tentative romances, hardly ever lightened by a sunny music wish for ‘Can't Smile without you’. On the label slash, Manilow glimpses back up on a disregarded savour in the main purpose of get concurrently that he still bears emotional scars. ‘Starting Again’ components then gets higher of infidelity and suspect indoors a association, in the main purpose of an unnerving minor-key melody. The obscure gem up on EVEN NOW is ‘I Was a Fool’, a subtle, jazzy saloon music worthy of Sinatra himself, indoors which Manilow castigates himself for sanctioning a agreeable thing go. It's arguably one of Manilow's finest instants, and well worth the cost of request for paid job indoors and of itself.
    Even Now is the sixth studio album via singer-songwriter Barry Manilow. The album was retained facts at A&M Studios in Hollywood, California and released within 1978. The album reached triple platinum and curly off four click singles within 1978 and morning 1979: the title song, ‘Can't Smile without You’, ‘Copacabana’, and ‘Somewhere within the Night’, which had earlier been a click within 1976 for Helen Reddy. The 2006 disc storage device rerelease earnings the album route range of ‘Copacabana’ with the swollen disco version.

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