Enter your iam a hot 12 year old girl that wants s*x with a hot 12 13 14 year old boy

by Guest20842901  |  10 years ago

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Enter your iam a hot 12 year old girl that wants s*x with a hot 12 13 14 year old boy

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  1. Isabel Allende

    I think you should contact with local night clubs like me as Eyz Wide Shut night club by their site where I got guy for s*x as I need.

  2. Guest28101935

    hey im ready wen you are babe im 15 i hope thats ok id like to talk an get to know you an go from their so please text me 804 901 5533

  3. Guest27788003

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  4. Guest27787597

    my number is 17409887530 and im 14


  5. Guest27378966

    Are you freaking kidding me?

    YOU'RE IN 6,7, OR 8TH GRADE! Don't be having s*x at this age! wait till you're older, trust me.

    A girl in my grade, at the age of 12 got kissed on the lips (first one in our grade) and then at the age of 14, she left school for "maternal leave". she had a baby, and she is now living with a hobo and is not going to my school.

  6. Guest27357339

     ill do it i live at 608 N 8th Street Lynden WA :)

  7. Guest21442839
    Iam 12 whaats your msn I'd love 2 ;) myy number is 07805059881 my man is
  8. Guest21006995
    oh and iam s**y thank u
  9. Guest21006995
    ok guys heres my anwser my number is 9176000273 text me
  10. dallas
    im 12 and s**y i might add if u want to respond and lets try to hook up s**y
  11. Guest20888478
    i am 14 and i like to chat live
  12. Guest20857229
    im turning 12 and would love to

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