English to phonetic Japanese

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I need a few phrases translated into phonetic Japanese, all the online translators change it to Japanese characters. Not helpful.

- More sushi, please
- Thank you so much
- Would you like a picture?

Thank yooouu!




  1. Guest21182373
    I am sorry

  2. Guest21148274
  3. Guest20184518
    barking unicorn
  4. Guest19033813
    moonlit night
  5. Guest15874789
    how old are you
  6. Guest13538237
  7. Guest13531110
    how are you?
  8. Guest13003161
    im doing well
  9. Guest12924759
    Thank for being here.
  10. Guest12753739
    count to one hundred
  11. Guest12559560
    happy birthday
  12. Guest12378922
    o yeah an also thankyou- a're'ato
  13. Guest12373912
    hello- qun-e-chew-a yes- hi / us no- hai / its / iie go- as-u-me-a stop- yum-e stupid- bugie (as in the thing you pick outs ya nose) d**k head- hagi 1- itch 2- nee 3- san 4- chi 5- go 6- rok 7- sich 8- hach 9- ker 10- jur
  14. Guest10948085
    where is the airport?
  15. Guest10893661
  16. Guest10872984
    sushi o.ku.da.sai I'd like sushi ( (go.zai.mas) Thankyou very much ( no) sha.shin o tot.te mo i des ka? Can I take a photo of (you)? hai, chi.zu Say cheese
  17. Guest10712032
  18. Guest10628156
    woe is me
  19. Guest10501354
  20. Guest10477063
  21. Guest10436167
    Sneak with good and sport shoes

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