Engine Power of Daewoo Cielo 1997 model

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I have my question regarding a car that I have bought quite recently. The name of the car is Cielo Model 1997, manufactured by the Daewoo Company. I often have to go to hilly areas as a part of my job and mostly on weekends I like to be somewhere at the hill stations. However, I would want to know that if my Cielo would be strong enough engine-wise to travel in the hilly areas. For this reason, I want to question that what is the power of the engine featured in Daewoo Cielo Model 1997.

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  1. Harry

     Daewoo Cielo model 1997 happens to be a big car considering that it has some reasonable space for accommodation. It is available in 3,4 and 5 doors with a maximum torque of 123 Nm @ 3200rpm. Besides, it has a maximum power of 55kw @ 5400 rpm, which is quite good for a car having engine capacity of 1300 CC. The power to weight ratio is around 17.8 to 1kw/kg. It works well both on unleaded petrol as well as on gas. However, a conversion in diesel engine may not be a very good idea and may result in reducing the life of the vehicle. For hilly areas it is better to drive on petrol as it is good for the engine. Although it can be made to run on gas but that creates some extra load over the engine. The petrol consumption within the city is 8 liters for 100 km and 6 liters per 100 km on highways.

  2. Guest10539363
    Hoew much the engine power of cielo1997

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