My cars engine make noises, what should I do?

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There is a clicking sound coming from the head of my cars engine, is there a serious problem with the engine , what should I do.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Now that sounds good and the heads might not need to come off to do the repair. Take the rear valve cover off and see what is making the clicking noise. You probably have a plugged up cam follower dampner. Basically, you wiggle each rocker and find the ones that are loose. They normally do not have slack in them. If one does it is loose and needs to be adjusted or replaced. Let me know what you find. Also, on the missing problem have you changed the plugs and how are the coils? You see, it could be as simple as one cylinder not getting spark and that could throw the engine off for the idle and stumble problem.
    Sometimes the valve of the engines get stucked and due to some dirt in the fuel which causes malfunctioning of inlet valves, that might be the cause of problem. This is not a very serious problem, The mechanic will open your head and he will clean up your valves with petrol by cranking the engine.
    The other case might be due to the timings of the engine Tappids which are controlling the headcamshaft. If your engine’s tappids are not rotating the camshaft properly then this will also result in poor compression and will make a noise.

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