Engagement Party Speeches

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What is the format of Engagement Party Speeches; please inform me with full details.

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    The not-so-secret ingredient behind successful engagement party speeches is planning ahead preparation and practice. Unless you are a very gifted speaker that effortless easy elegance you admire in others has been very carefully rehearsed. So for those who want to deliver heartfelt and memorable engagement party speeches, here are some guidelines. Adapt them to suit your circumstances. Remember this is NOT the wedding speech. That is ahead of you. What is needed now is a brief (1 - 2 minutes) speech marking and celebrating the commitment to marry. Who delivers engagement party speeches depends on the style of the event. Is it formal? Or informal? Who is hosting the party? Traditionally the event is held by the bride's family and the father gives the opening speech. However things are not always traditional! The speech could also be delivered by the groom-to-be, the bride-to-be, the mother of the bride or groom, a close friend of either of them, or a much respected senior family member. A speech in reply and/or other speeches may be expected depending on the circumstances.

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