Emphasize the Ore Flotation Equipment for Sale

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Emphasize the Ore Flotation Equipment for Sale

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     The ore flotation equipment is the latest design to use the circular tank concept, and combines the benefits of circular cells with the unique features of the minerals mechanism to create the ideal conditions to maximize floatation performance for all roughing, cleaning and scavenging duties. Flotation Machine is a new flotation device with dual functions of pulp suction and flotation.

    The flotation concentrator can be used to separate nonferrous metal, ferrous metal, noble metal, nonmetallic mine, chemical material and recycle mine. It features high inhalation and low power. Each chute can inhale gas, sink magma and separate - there is no need for accessory equipments. It is easy to change the flow chart. The cycling way of magma is very reasonable and it can reduce the impurities to a great extent. There is automatic equipment on the magma surface. The flotation separator is easy to adjust; the upward one makes the magma cycle upward and the downward one makes the magma cycle downward.


    Flotation machine is operating, electric machine drives the spindle through V-belt and rotates the impeller in the lower part. The main features of this ore flotation equipment mainly focus in impeller. Impeller is equipped with reclined double faced blades. Thus, when the pulp dual cycle impeller within the trough is rotating, under the action of upper and lower impellers (main and auxiliary impellers), pulp within the upper and lower impeller cavities is threw to the four sides by centrifugal force and zones of negative pressure are formed in upper and lower impeller cavities. Meanwhile, pulp in the upper part of cover board is absorbed into impeller cavity through circulation ports on the cover board, which forms upwards circulation of pulp.


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