Does anyone know about the history of Emmy Awards?

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My younger sister watched the Emmy awards and wants to know about it. Can someone help me to tell about the history of Emmy Awards?

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  1. Judi

     The Emmy Awards is well known and a television production awards. Emmy awards are presented in various sectors of entertainment industry including programming, News, documentary shows and sports programming. Many ceremonies are held annually in a year. The well renowned of these ceremonies are the Primetime Emmy Awards. Some related but separate organization present Emmy Awards like Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.
    The title ‘Emmy’ was selected as a feminization of ‘immy’, a nickname utilised for the image orthicon tubes that were widespread in early television cameras. The first Emmy Awards were given at the Hollywood Athletic Club on January 25, 1949, but only to honor demonstrates effected and aired locally in the Los Angeles area. Shirley Dinsdale has the divergence of receiving the very first Emmy, for Most Outstanding Television Personality, during that first awards ceremony.
    In the 1950s, the ATAS augmented the Emmys into a countrywide outcome, submitting the rewards to presentations transmitted nationwide. In 1955, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) were formed in New York as a sister governing body to perform components on the East Coast, and aid to in addition organize the Emmys. In 1977, due to diverse confrontations, the ATAS and the NATAS acquiesced to divide ties. However, they furthermore acquiesced to share ownership of the Emmy figurine and trademark, with each to blame for administering an exact set of accolade shows.

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