Emirates airline office London Heathrow Airport

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Emirates airline office London Heathrow Airport

Address London Heathrow Airport
Terminal 3 Departures - Zone C
Telephone +44 (0) 844 800 2777 / (0) 844 800 0991 (Arabic)
Working hours Mon to Sun, 05:30 to 21:30

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  1. Guest19473182
    My daughter ( Miss S C Dias) is flying out from Heathrow/DXB/CMB under booking ref.EK/EL85WF on 01/07/2010. Once landing in CMB she will proceed to SIN on the same aircraft booking ref EK/D8336W. Please note EK 348 from DXB will proceed to Singapore via CMB.My question is can she interline her baggage from Heathrow, direct to Singapore on submittion on both tickets at the counter. Await for a speedy reply.

  2. Guest18873550
    I have a flight leaving from Manchester tomorrow to Dubai at 1410 - EK018. It is highly likely this will be cancelled, can i re-book for an early morning flight tomorrow morning from London airports? Thanks Declan Meighan
  3. Guest17938135
    Hello I need an email address and a reference number for a complaint please

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