Emirates Airline office in Mumbai

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Emirates Airline office in Mumbai, where is the emirates office located in mumbai bombay, india and their contact number is........?

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  1. Guest24954241

    Me and my wife are on the flight booked to Lagos. EK 505 onwards to Lagos by EK781, may I request you to allot us seats together.

    Booking Ref : PN6GJU/F1 -- Kulkarni Prakash

    Ticket number : 1765381308103 -- Kulkarni Preeti

  2. Guest24579455

    i am travelling to london and am a skyward do i get 10 kg access wt allowance above the basic 30kg  allowed for each passenger

  3. Guest16869160
    Good Morning! Please provide me the Emirates Cargo Import Telephone number. Regards B.K.Bagchi
  4. Guest16850393
    Emirates Airline office in Mumbai
  5. Guest15569000
    can i book the air ticit from emirates office
  6. Guest15438169
    my baggeag is lost in manchester intl terminal 1 on 08/01/10 still i am not recived my bagege so pls tell me to what i have to do and my ref no:manek10671 when i will get my baggega in uk
  7. Guest15437224
    i want to rebook my ticket of emirates airlines
  8. Guest13914316 Mumbai (Bombay) Emirates (Town office) Address 3, Mittal Chambers Ground Floor 228, Nariman Point Mumbai 400 021 Telephone +91 22 40974097 Fax +91 22 66650430 Email Working hours Mon to Sat, 09:00 to 17:30 Sun, Closed Public holidays, 09:00 to 16:00
  9. Guest13914316
    what is emirates airline office number in mumbai.
  10. Guest13861552
    Dear How ru? what is exect itme to arrive EK502 & deprt. time from mumbai airport. What is mumbai office phone No.?
  11. Guest11599565
  12. Guest11452428
    Please provide emirates airlines office in Chennai,Tamilnadu state, india telephone number
  13. Guest10871919
    Please provide emirates airlines office in trivandrum, keralastate, india telephone number
  14. Guest10642773
  15. Guest10638053
    hello sir, Do you have toll free no. in chennai
  16. Guest9988969
    emirates airlines telephone india
  17. Guest3184200
  18. Guest2481140
    The Emirates Airlines number which is given is a wrong no.Can u please update the same
  19. Guest1688968
    what is emirates mumbai india number?
  20. Guest1416656
    Emirates Airline office & phonenumber in Mumbai,india

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