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I have my question regarding some information about my favourite singer and song writer Barry Manilow. One thing is for sure that Barry would be having a huge number of fans across the world, sending him letters, greeting cards and other messages. Do you have an email address or a postal address where Barry receives letters from fans? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Harry

    For a letter to be sent to Barry, it should be sent in care of the BMIFC which stands for Barry Manilow International Fan Club, the best place to send letters to Barry. As for if Barry, he will respond to any letter that is really very difficult to answer. As far as meeting Barry, most people have met Barry and have done so by chance, or they have met him at a record or book signing or a BMIFC event. It is suggested that you do join the BMIFC as it does have events from time to time, you might have a better chance of meeting Barry at such an event. Please send letters or cards to the Barry in the name of Mr. Barry Manilow, c/o BMIFC, P.O.B 45378, and Los Angeles, CA 90045. It should be noted, because of the volume of mail that Barry receives it is impossible for him to personally respond to or answer every letter he receives. All correspondence is passed on to Barry if his management team feels it is necessary and/or appropriate.


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