Who were Elvis Presley’s cousins?

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Can you tell me about Elvis Presley’s cousin, Patsy Presley and Jerry Presley, what are there role in Elvis Presley’s life?

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  1. Guest28266264
    Jerry R. Presley is Elvis Presley’s second cousin, as documented in the Presley genealogy, researched and confirmed by the Tennessee Genealogist, Richard Carlton Fulcher in 1987, and is also an identical twin, as was Elvis Presley. Jerry was married only once in 1974 until they divorced 2006. He is currently engaged to Joanna Arnott and resides in the Springfield/Branson, MO area. Elvis' cousin, Patsy Presley Gambill Geranen, married Gee Gee Gambill in 1967. Patsy Presley and Gee Gee Gambill divorced, and she later married Clayton Geranen. Both Gambill and Geranen died in 2005. Though there is another "Patsy Presley", her name is actually Patsy Andersen-Presley and she is of no relation to Jerry Presley/Elvis Presley, or the Presley family. Patsy Andersen legally changed her last name to Presley in 2012 but was also never married to any of the Presley family. In 1970 Jerry Presley began performing his tribute concert to his cousin, Elvis Presley, in Columbia, SC. He toured the southern states between 1970 and 1973 beginning as an opening performer for artists such as Jackie Wilson, The Drifters, The Platters, The Coasters, Bob Seager System, and Brownsville Station, to name a few. In 1985 he opened his own theater in Branson, MO and created his Legends Show which performed more than 1,500 shows over the next four-year period. By 1988, he began performing with Elvis’ original backup vocal group, The Jordaniares, while his Legends Show continued to tour in cities such as Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Virginia Beach and others, and went on to perform with such Roll & Roll pioneers as Len Berry, Dennis Yost and The Classics 4, and Mitch Ryder, etc.. During the 90s Jerry opened for Lou Rawls, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Tanya Tucker, Barbara Mandrell, Shenandoah, Billy Dean and many more. Since then, Jerry went on to perform his live concerts with the legendary Jordanaires, the former members of JD Sumner’s Stamps Quartet, and The Blackwoods. In 1977, Jerry attended the funeral of his cousin, Elvis Presley, and left with an even greater commitment to honor him, and his memory. Keeping his roots, Jerry maintains residence in the Memphis, Tennessee area, as well as, the Missouri Ozarks. Today, in the U.S. and abroad, Jerry Presley continues to perform over 200 live concerts per year, singing the music of the legendary Elvis Presley. Jerry Presley Facebook:

  2. Guest23297507

    I remember Jerry from back in 1971-72 in Columbia, SC when he would come into the Thunderbird Lounge where I was playing 6-nights-a-week.  He would sing with us, and was very, very good.  He was also a very nice guy to hang out with and perform with.  I will always remember him.

    --Russell Lowery



  3. Tom Reeds

    Jerry Presley who is a singer got popularity and one of the reason for his popularity was that he was Elvis Presley’s cousin. The father of Elvis and Jerry were brothers. Jerry was Elvis’s cousin not only Jerry Presley. Jerry was called most of his life Elvis rather than Jerry and in school people called his twin brother Pelvis and him as Elvis. Jerry had a twin brother Terry and they both performed at parties in their hometown of Kansas City. However Jerry became more popular than his brother. Jerry went on to entertain many military troops before winning Third Army Talent Contest. He also performed at many night clubs in South Carolina. Jerry was drafted in 1969 and also went through some training at Fort Jackson in the state of South Carolina.
    Jerry was born in March in 1950. He has a twin brother named Terry and his older brother named Jim and two sisters which were Beverly and Rita. Apart from performing vocals Jerry also played guitar, he also said that although his style is similar to Elvis Presley but I never try to imitate him, I have my own style of performing art. Jerry became the highest paid singer at South Carolina. Jerry said that although my song styles are somewhat similar to Elvis, I don’t go for Rock and Roll. Patsy was also cousin of Elvis Presley and her mother’s name was Clette Smith. The not so famous uncle Vester Presley was Vermons brother, Patsy did not get as much popularity as his other cousins get.

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