How did Elvis Presley’s career begin?

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I have heard some songs of singer Elvis Presley, I want to know how he started his career and became so famous, what were his initial songs?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    In August 1953 , Presley walked into the office of Sun Records. He showed his interest there in recording the songs and he wanted to play the songs My Happiness and Your Heartaches Begin. He later said that he wanted this record for this mother or just he was interested in a cheaper, amateur and record making services at the nearby general store. In the late night Elvis recorded the song on July 5th. He started playing guitar and jumping all over the room singing songs. He recorded the song of Bill Monroe Blue Moon of Kentucky in a distinctive style and also recorded its extended version. He then played publically first time on July 17 at the Bon Air Club. Presley was still holding his child size guitar. In the beginning when he was about to perform in front of the crowd , he became very nervous and that led the audience to scream.
    Slowly after that Elvis started to regain his confidence and appeared on Nashville on October 2 and began to feel more confident about his movement and also with his singing. There was a new contract that Presley made in August in 1955, in which he appointed Parker as his special advisor. Presley was voted as the most promising artist in the early November, now several companies were looking to sign him up . At that age Presley was still a minor at 20 years so his father had to sign the contract. Shortly after this Presley started to make his appearances on the screen and captured the attention of a large audience.

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