Which Elvis' concert DVDs have the superior quality?

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I have some of Elvis Presley’s concert dvd’s but I am currently looking for such a dvd that has the best quality, I would like to know of dvds with best clarity. Actually I am currently residing at Sweden, and have been looking for good quality Elvis’ concert dvds but have not succeeded in my search. I simply cannot trust eBay as I had a bad experience with them as I was shamelessly deceived by the elvisimportdvds, I spent 13 pounds on 13 dvds and they turned out to be of awfully poor quality.

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  1. Mitchel

    Well, I can very well understand your anxiety, so I have compiled a list of dvds that are available for sale, and the best part is that they are legal;

    '68 Special

    One Night With You

    That's The Way It Is
    Lost Performances

    Elvis On Tour

    Aloha From Hawaii


    Good thing about '68 Special and Aloha, is that they have been digitally remastered and you will find a crystal clear picture and voice quality. Another best part of these dvds is that they have bloopers and rehearsals, and also include clips from unused footage. You will be amazed to have this one, as quality wise and content wise, it will be a treat for you.
    Picture quality of “Lost Performances”, is also of high standard, and it also features some of the unused footage, that will be fun to watch.
    The reason people have to face frauds like the one you had to sustain is that the illegal dvd sellers
    have a firm conviction that the buyers will never complain, and will neither contact the authorities about the issue. Illegal dvd sellers use a superior quality picture on their covers, to trap potential buyers, once buyers buy these dvds, they are shocked by the results, once they put the dvds in their players.
    There are some tips for eBay shopping, before buying a dvd, pay close attention to the seller’s feedback, and feedback scores, carefully read the descriptions, ask as many question as you can, read the details about their return policy. If you are not satisfied by their services, feel free to leave a negative feedback.

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