How did Elvis meet with President Nixon?

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I heard from some people that Elvis met President Nixon, what was the history behind that meeting and when did they both meet?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Over his spending habits Presley was confronted by his wife, Priscilla and his father, Vernon, over his spending habits. Angered by their confrontation, Presley left Graceland and flew to Washington DC. From there Presley went to Los Angeles to meet his friend Jerry Schilling. Due to the allergic reaction Presley ate a chocolate on the aero plane due to which he got infected with an infection and it was an allergic reaction. Rash developed on his face and his neck. After seeing a doctor and getting some rest and sleep. Senator Murphy suggested Presley that he should write a letter to the President Nixon and offer him services to help the stoppage of use of illicit drug use. Presley did the same and delivered the letter to White House at 6:30 am on the morning of December21.
    Some time later Presley visited the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs headquarters in Washington D.C and he met with Deputy Director John Finlator. The Deputy Council of President Nixon received a meeting between Presley and Nixon. After picking up Schilling Presley moved to the White House. All of three met with Nixon and they were given gifts. Presley asked about the badge from President Nixon. Presley later on December 30 returned to Washington D.C and with friends visited the Sheriffs head office. They were given tour of FBI headquarters, where Presley offered his services an undercover agent. Presley received a letter of acknowledging his offer of assistance on Januarys 4, 1971.

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