Health and teeth condition of singer Elvis Presley

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I thing Elvis Presley died of some disease and due to bad physical condition, I want to know about the disease he was suffering from.Was there a problem with his teeth?Can anyone tell?

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  1. Tom Reeds
    Presley was divorced on October 9, 1973. He started becoming ill continuously. He also suffered from Coma in his hotel after the first incident. At the end of 1973, he was hospitalized from the effects of addiction. Despite his failing health in 1974, he undertook another busy tour and even his health was deteriorating his schedule looked quite busy. Presley’s health condition dropped significantly. His poor health condition was also seen by people during his performance in the concert. He fell out of the limousine and people rushed to him to pick him up, but he said that don’t help me, and then he went on to the stage to perform his song but he was unable to sing, as the words of song were not coming out of his mouth and he kept holding the mike for about 30 minutes, even back in the room he was told to stop playing and cancel the tour because of his poor health condition but he said that he will continue this tour. Due to using lot of drugs and other alcoholic liquids, his teeth became affected and he got the infection in his teeth. Health condition of Elvis was deteriorating at a rapid rate , he was now rapidly fading away, he was unable to stand on the stage for more than one hour, he was suffering from high blood pressure and also the usage of drug had made him very weak. He remained in his room for several days lying on the bed and floor. There were many attempts made to save the life of Elvis by his friends and cousins but to no avail and on the afternoon of 16th August 1977, Presley was found non responsive on the bathroom floor by Alden, he took him to the Baptist Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 3:30 pm.

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