Moody Blue by Elvis.

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I have heard about Elvis Presley songs from my friend, What has Moody Blue to do with Elvis Presley, is it a song, can anyone tell?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Moody Blue is musical album released by Elvis Presley. It is the last studio album released by Elvis Presley. The album was a mix of songs which were from live studio work and also included tracks from Presley’s final studio album, there were songs from the final studio recording sessions in 1976. The two of the most popular and hit songs were Moody Blue and Way down, which became a hit song after Presley’s death after the album’s publication. There were some songs which were used in the previous album of Elvis Presley and it was difficult to include the songs in the main album.
    The song Moody blue which was the title song of the album became very popular and it was released in the early 1977 and it also reached number one on the Billboard Country Singles chart and 31 on the pop chart. It did not go very far up in the chart but When Elvis died this song rose to number 18. It later became very big hit and rose to number number one in the same week during his death. Moody Blue also achieved many successes as it also remained number one album on the Country albums chart. Moody Blue was published on July 19, 1977 and it also peaked on the album chart in August 1977.

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