How Elvis started his early childhood?

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How did Elvis grow up, where he lived, I want to know about the early lifehood of the star, how he got into the music field?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Elvis Presley was born on January 8th 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, and his mother name was Vernon Elvis and his father name was Gladys Love Preslay. He was born in a shotgun house which was built by his father. As he was the only child of his parents so he came close to both his parents and formed an unusual tight bond with his mother. The family attended the Assembly of God church where he found his inspiration. Presley’s family was a Western European mix. He was Scots Irish as well as some French Norman, His father’s forebears were of Scottish and German again. Gladys was regarded by the relatives and friends as the dominant member of the small family. He was jailed for eight months and Gladys and Elvis moved in with relatives.
    In September 1941, Presley entered first gate at East Tupelo, where he met with the instructors who regarded him as average. He entered a singing contest after impressing his schoolteacher during morning prayers. Presley received a birthday gift guitar a few months later. Although Alvis was hoping for a different gift like bicycle or a rifle but the gift of guitar proved useful for him since he received basic guitar lessons from his uncles and the new pastor from his family church. Even in the school Elvis playd the guitar in the break time. The family was living in African American neighborhood. Presley was a shy person and was overcome by the stage fright for the first time but then he seceded in his later performances.

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