Elvis Presley in the Hollywood by Paul Lichter.

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Can anyone tell me about the visit of Elvis in the Hollywood, how he got into the music, there is a book written on Elvis Presley in Hollywood by Paul Lichter, can anyone tell me about it.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    After gaining lots of success in all over the world, people and other musicians said that he should move to Hollywood for singing because of the talent he has and he was pushed to Hollywood by Parker. In the beginning Presley focused on the serious roles but then he changed his approach after the two dramatic movies which were Flaming star and Wild in the country, released in 1960 and 1961 respectively. Presley started to become the most dominant figure in the Hollywood. Out of the films of Presley in the 1960’s 15 of them had soundtrack album while 5 of the others had EPs soundtrack. He soon began to increased his number of movies and roles as he started to play in three a year in the movie. Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman were the writers of the song which were included in most of the movies.
    It was also said about Elvis Presley that although he was unable to maintain the quality of his songs in all of them but still he sang some of them very well. Three of Presley’s album got hit in the Hollywood in the first half of the decade and some of his popular songs were Can’t help Falling in Love in the year 1961 and the other was Return to Sender in the year 1962. He also won the Grammy award for his album How Great Thou art in the year 1967.
    There was a book written by Paul Lichter in the mid 1970s and it contained detailed explanation of the events occurred in Hollywood with the Legendary musician Elvis. It is also regarded as one of the greatest book written on Elvis stay in Hollywood by people.

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