Relation between Elvis and Orion.

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I have heard about a singer Orion, he came onto the screen after the death of legendary singer Elvis Preslay, why is he associated with Elvis Preslay?

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  1. Guest27544466

     Death mask creat creat connecation between life and death its become sensuase in UK people making death mask and now days they are making life mask for tread so celebraty made own life mask also.

  2. Tom Reeds

    Elvis Preslay was born on January 8th 1935 and died on 16th August 1977. He was one of the most popular singer of American history in the 20th century. His song style is mostly of rock and roll style. In the 20th century there were many important figures which came onto screen, Elvis Preslay was one of them. His versatile voice was the main reason behind his success in many genres including country, pop, ballads, gospel and blues. He is also termed as the best solo artist in the music.
    There was a singer named Orion who was born on 26th February 1945 and died on 12th December in 1998. After the death of legendary singer Elvis Preslay I August 1977, Orion whose real name was Jimmy Wllis dressed like Elvis and also behaved and sang in the manner of Preslay. He also wore mask like Elvis Preslay during the performances and many people speculated and said that Elvis Preslay is back. Ellis sang many songs and recorded rock and country singles under his real name for many labels till the death of Elvis Preslay, then in 1980 he impersonated Preslay and sang songs for Sun Records in 1980. Sun owner Shelby conceived the idea of copying and dubbing over the voice of Ellis Presley into a styled vocals.
    Some of the famous songs of Ellis were Honey released in the year of 1979. Song A stranger in my Place was released in 1980. Texas Tea was released in 1980.

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