How popular Elvis was at his time?

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I have heard about the famous singer Elvis Presley, I want to know about his physical appearance and also about his popularity among people. Can anyone tell me?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Presley got very popular in the late 1960’s, and also due to his unique style of music and his love with his work made him famous all over the world. He not only redefined the music of rock and roll but also showed the association of this kind of music the young generations and by his music he showed people that it is the best way of expressing the attitude of youth. Most of the people said that Elvis broke the ice for all of us, and it really defined music in a sense that we all became a part of it. The popularity of Elvis started when he first appeared of the American television at a very younger age.
    Many say that he is one of the best rock singer in the world of music. The name and image of Presley soon started spreading all over the world and he was recognized by all the musicians over the world. Due to Elvis’s popularity many Impersonators came on the screen and after his death people wanted to see Elvis and his style of work so the demand for people who were impersonating Elvis rose. Famous composer Leonard Bernstein said that Elvis is the greatest cultural force in the twentieth century. The ups and downs in Elvis’s life and the controversies in its life made him even more popular. The height of this legendary singer was 6 feet.

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