Did Elvis and Priscilla get back together?

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How Elvis and Priscilla met each other, after their divorce did Elvis want her back or were they got together after their divorce or not?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Elvis and Priscilla met for the first time in 1959 in Germany, Elvis was with the U.S army at that time. Elvis was at the age of 24 when started dating the young Pricilla who was only 14 years old, so according to some authors who wrote about Elvis said that it was a non mature relationship between the two. Although Elvis was quite busy with his music and professional life but in his private moments he loved to talk to teenage girls beauty secrets and other stuff. The image of the singer and his good looks caused the attention of girls and all the young girls loved their moments spend with Elvis. Another reason that Elvis was attracted to young girls because it is said that he felt insecure around mature women as a result he had a large group of teenage fans.
    Presley married Priscilla on May 1,1967 in the city Las Vegas, in Nevada. He had a daughter named Lisa Marie who was born on February 1,1968 in Memphis. Relationship between both the couple went very well in the beginning but after sometime after Elvis got into drugs that changed his personality altogether. After sometime both Elvis and Prescilla went for divorce. Lot of things were said and written about their after breakup relationship. Although Elvis started dating other women but Priscilla still had a place in his heart and he wanted her back but so far it is not clear. As some people say that they were never seen back again But Priscilla admitted that they met with each other even after the breakup.

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