Elfin Lakes - Red Heather Hut

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Road - Trailhead is 16 km from highway 99. The road climbs to approximately 3,100 feet from near sea level. The road is not usually plowed. The use of 4wd or chains may be necessary. Often the road is not passable after a snowfall and the final 4 km (1 hour) or so must be done on foot.

Trail - From the end of the road the trail climbs 5 km along a gentle road through forest to the warming hut at Red Heather meadows. From the hut it is a further 6 km to the cabin at Elfin Lakes. The trail climbs to about 5 130 feet to the high point on Paul Ridge and then drops gradually 500 feet to the Elfin Lakes. Travel time to the Elfin Lakes Shelter can vary greatly depending on snow conditions and group abilities. I have done it in as short as 2.5 hours and as long as 7 hours.

Ski equipment - When carrying an overnight pack, descending steeper, longer slopes and skiing in ungroomed snow, heavier ski gear is required. Varied snow conditions may be encountered\: fresh powder, corn snow, crust or icy conditions are all possible at this time of year. Classic cross-country gear is not suitable for a trip of this nature. NNN-BC (new Nordic norm - backcountry), telemark or alpine touring skis are more appropriate. The ascent is made using adhesive climbing skins.

The cabin at Elfin lakes sleeps approximately 30. The cost is $10 / person / night. There are stoves for cooking and heating. Sleeping bags and sleeping pads are not provided.

The 3D image attached only shows the first part of the trail ascending to the Red Heather Meadows area.

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