Harmful effects of shabu drugs?

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Kindly, highlight the side effects of Shabu drugs on the human body.

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  1. Guest28051600

     Does shabu affect the liver?

  2. Guest27887508


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  3. Mitchel

    Shabu or Methamphetamine is a powerfully addictive meth stimulant drug, it has extremely harmful effects on the human body, its use should be avoided at all costs.
    People addicted to this drug suffer from following long term conditions:

    Anxiety, confusion, and insomnia
    Addiction psychosis
    Hallucinations, visual and auditory
    Mood disturbances
    Repetitive motor activity
    Weight loss
    Violent behavior, homicidal or suicidal thoughts
    'Crank bugs' - Formication (sensation of insects creeping on the skin) causing users to pick at themselves causing ulcerations on the hand and arms.
    Disturbed sleep patters; decreased sleep needs
    Disinterest in usual social interactions, s*x, food
    Cardiovascular: Inflammation of the heart lining

  4. Guest10764694
    what is the effect drugs in our body

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