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Economics is one of the key subjects of social sciences, based on analysis of production, distribution and consumption patterns of goods and services. It essentially depicts working of economies from individual to collective levels. Economics has a wide scope of operations and plays a vital role in our lives. It encompasses microeconomics dealing with markets, production costs, market failures, efficiency, uncertainty, demand supply relationship and other elements. It also, comprehends macroeconomics as a major domain, which include; economic growth, business cycles, inflation and monetary & fiscal policy and their effects on an economy.

Economic imperialism, normative economics, applied economics, heterodox economics and international economics are also among the most popular dimensions of this subject. This phenomenal subject holds an evolutionary history and various critical schools of thoughts. The Theoretical and practical advantages of Economics are acknowledged on a large scale. Questions and answers on all sort of Economics related topics are available in this section. The users are inclined to ask questions and experts provide answers to each query on Economics. Response of each query is delivered as an instant answer immediately depending on the nature of question.

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