Earth Hour Step by Step Guide

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How to celebrate Earth hour, ideas for kids activities, campaigns and slogans. Find all about the event statistics, history, results, pictures and videos.

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    The natural phenomenon according to which there's a continuous flow of heat to the Earth from the Sun works perfect to sustain the life on the planet. However, the over use of fossil fuel to run machines is increasing the amount of gases (including CO2) in the atmosphere, leading the Earth to heat up more and more. As a result, the ice shelves on Earth are melting, causing devastating natural disasters, continuous climate change and overall global warming which can lead to the end of the world. Although the crisis has begun, it's still not too late and things can be corrected. Earth Hour is a major step to meet the crisis around the globe. Switching off all unnecessary electronic appliances & machines for an hour, i.e. 8:30 am to 9:30 am is the first step to create awareness among masses to save the Earth.

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