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On Epjrs website it states that Elvis had a fling with a co-star whilst making Clambake. Was it somebody called Dolores Pettifer? It showed a blonde lady as being his biological mother. I myself think that Junior had a fling with a hawaiian girl when he was filming Blue Hawaii, he loved Hawaii did not he. And then there is the song My Boy, Elvis admitted to him having a son out there somewhere and that song was for him. Is he mentioned in his will? I agree there are many unanswered questions but apparently the story was verified by Col Tom Parker and he was allowed to use the name Elvis Presley Jr. by the Federal Court, who apparently inspected all documents. I would LOVE to think it was true; when I listen to him there truly is not a voice that can came SO CLOSE to Elviss. YES we need more proof. What was he called before? Why has he not made any more CDs since 2005? Has he died? Hope you can throw some light on this topic- thank you, Yvonne, from UK.

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