Last moments of Elvis life

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I want to know what did Elvis do before he died and what was his last song sung on this earth, Can anyone tell about his final year in this world.

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  1. Guest27821160

    Years ago (1987?) I watched an Elvis documentary. The last 2-3 minutes were an animation showing him crawling from the toilet with book laying all around. Anyone else seen this. Came on on channel 7 KIRO right before the 11 o'clock news.

  2. Tom Reeds

    After the divorce Presley’s condition started deteriorating, he was now becoming increasingly unwell. He was overdosed on barbiturates, he also spend three years in a coma in the hotel. He was hospitalized at the end of the year 1973 from addiction and usage of drugs which also caused serious problems for his health. His last album was Moody Blue. It became very popular and especially after his death , some of its songs became very popular and achieved many successes. Two main songs from the album Moody blue and way down became very popular. His condition was self explanatory as he was unable to walk for the concerts , he was not able to sing songs properly , he was missing lot of words.
    He also left some tours in the end. While he was performing on the stage of Louisiana, in Alexandra the singer was on the stage for less than an hour and also was impossible to stand. Presley also failed to appear for the performance in Baton Rouge. He was unable to get out of is hotel bed and the tour was cancelled. Despite the deteriorating condition of Presley, he tried to continue most of his tours and also succeeded in participating in most tours.
    His last song was Way Down, it was his last single and it came out in June 6. His final concert was in Indianapolis at the Market Square Arena on June 26th.

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