Which hair products Elvis Presley used for his hair?

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Elvis Presley had great hair, I guess he took really good care of his hair; his signature hair style was the in thing in those days. As far as I know, ELVIS had all together stopped the use of Pomade on his hair in the 60’s. Can you name the hair products he used on his hair from 60’s to 1977?

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  1. Mitchel

    Well, Larry Geller was a renowned hair dresser at that time, which acted as Elvis’ hair dresser, and served Presley from the early 60's till his death. Larry had invented some of his own hair products that he used on Presley’s hair; he even had the intention to market those hair products. He had even asked Presley to advertise his hair products, but Presley rejected his offer.
    Elvis Presley was a mega star of his time, and he must have used those products that were in fashion, and had good quality. However, many say that he used to wash his hair with brut shampoo and dyed his hair using clairol hair dye color, and mostly used the blue-black color. Elves Presley in reality was a blond but dyed his hair in dark shades. According to his hair stylist he even busted vitamin E capsules on his hair to give them extra bounce and body. Elvis Presley’s hair styles even after his death are famous and many people imitate Elvis hair styles and look in different fancy dress shows. Hope you are satisfied by the information given by me.

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