Fuel Injector and Mechanical problem of 740iL.

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There was a leak in my 740iL. I replaced the fuel injector. Now after driving the car there is mis-fire on the cylinders. What should I do?

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  1. Guest23201590
    There can be many reasons regarding the problem you are facing. First you have to be sure that fuel injector you replaced is not faulty , then you have to look for the fuel pipe line through which the fuel is passing. Then there might be a problem with you fuel pump and it there must some dirt or dust in it. For that you have to replace the fuel filter. Another problem can be with your air intake system, if it dusty or if there is a blockage of air flow then this might also result in missing of the engine and miss fire of the engine. The coils need to be checked whether they are properly connected. If they are loose or faulty then this might also cause in the loss of power. Normally the firing order of cylinder in a BMW is 1:3:4:2. Which means that the third cylinder fire first, then third, fourth and then second. There might be a disturbance if that firing order but it is due to bad fuel, in rare cases a very bad compression, and no entrance of air or even over heating. But for all these conditions you should take advise from more than one mechanic. If all the above mentioned options have been tried then the only left option is the check the compression of the engine and this can only be done by specialized and technical specialists and mechanics. There might be a need to completely overhaul the engine of replacement of key engine parts.

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