What is the address of Dupont Hyderabad office?

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I want to know the contact details,phone numbers,address,email address of Hyderabad office of Dupont. I want to place some orders from Hyderabad.

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  1. Jacob

    Well at the moment the Hyderbad office of Dupont is under construction so dupont does not have a complete up and running office at Hyderabad, India. However, Dupont has announced  that it will invest over 100 crore (22.5 million) to construct and build its first research and development center in India. It’s is expected to generate empolment for three and scientists and employees. Dupont signed a deal with ICICI a long term lease to construct a R&D center in the 15 acres of land in the park.

    "The DuPont Knowledge Center in India will focus on discovery research as well as applications development in a variety of areas," said DuPont Senior Vice President and Chief Science & Technology Officer Dr. Uma Chowdhry. "This location will allow us to engage some of the world's top scientific talent in bringing better innovation to both global and local DuPont customers faster."

    "The establishment of the DuPont Knowledge Center in India is consistent with our company's strategy of going where the growth is," said Balvinder Singh Kalsi, president, DuPont India. "Our intent is to leverage Indian science and engineering talent for the benefit of DuPont customers and shareholders."

  2. Guest6215
    The office is not yet fully functional. Call up the Chennai office 044-28472800 or the Gurgaon office 0124-2540851 or the Bombay one 022-67515000 for any information you want to seek. I work for DuPont as well. Call me at 09390669809

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