Dual rear tire capacity

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The driver of my car got ticket from Highway Patrol because he was carrying more payload. The load was equal to the weight of 2470 pounds which was produced at a pressure of 80psi.. There is a capacity which is mentioned on the sides of the vehicle body.
The loading capacity is as follows?
1997 Dodge Ram 3500 GVWR 11,000
" curb weight 6,000
" pay load 5,000
The weight is equal to be 4,425lbs before I exceeded the MFG max capacity?

Here is a link to read.
", Firestone Transforce HB TL LT215/85R16".

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  1. Tom Reeds

    With all do respect, but if you would have read the link you would have read. "Light truck tires can be used for multiple purposes ,they have two "Max Load" ratings branded on the tire's sidewall. For example, a LT235/85R16 Load Range E tire is rated to carry 3,042 pounds when inflated to 80 psi and used in a single application, but only 2,778 pounds when used in a dual tire application at the same inflation pressure."

    The link was added to show you this, and not just take my word and my schooling on tires. What training do you have on tires? The fact is very clear here. See what is the single and what is the dual tire load. There is a specific weight that it can hold, ratter I told to do look for yourself. So look at the tire and see what it the max load for dual at 80 psi then times by 4.What type of load it was is it load of 2470 is single or dual?

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