Comparison of Drake Equation and Rare Earth Theory.

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I have heard of Drake Equations prediction about the earth and also the concept of Rare Earth Theory , what are both theories about?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The Drake Equation is also known as Green Bank Equation or the Green Bank formula. It is a method by which we determine the presence of other civilizations in the universe or in other words we can get the estimate of detectable civilizations in the milky way. It is a key component of extraterrestrial intelligence and is also used in the field of exobiology. Its equation was formulated by the Professor of Astronomy Frank Drake . He devised this system at the University of California, Santa Cruz and this system is named after the professors name Drake.
    There were lot of controversies about the Drake system as his system lacks some evidence to prove some states like civilizations tend to disappear quickly and the human it self is responsible for the destruction. He gave the concept of Intelligent life which discovers technology itself.
    On the other hand Rare Earth equations is different from Drake equation and does not involve the complex concept of intelligent life. This theory states that there are events and happenings in the life which are responsible for the growth of humanity or it also supports that human beings have developed methods for surviving long period by developing good metabolism systems. It focuses on the geological and other environmental factors that contribute to the changes of life of a person.

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