Can someone tell us about Dr Steve Sjuggerud?

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My elderly parent has received and invitation to receive Dr Sjuggerrud's newletter "True Wealth".  The claims seem fantastical - too good to be true.  Is Dr. Sjuggerud for real?

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  1. James Augustus

    Dr. Steve Sjuggerud writes True Wealth, a monthly investment advisory.

    He specializes in safe, unique investments that have been overlooked by Wall Street.


  2. Guest15425328
    I am receiving SSI disability how can I see if I am entiled for more. Also I was receiving STD from Haatford and when I was rewared my SSI and they gave me back pay Hartford said I owe them for over payment. I think this is so wrong I paid into SS and for 16 years paid STD so in the evevt that something happen I would have an income. I had a stroke in Sept. 08. How can they take advantage of you like that. They have sent the bill to collectin becuse I don't think I owe them. Thanks for your help

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