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Dr.Morad Yasin Deab Al-Refo Thinker/Writer/ Poet/ was born in Jordan 1975 belongs to a small city with a population of 39,000 people in southern Jordan, located 180 kilometers (112 mi) southwest of Amman It is well-known for having green gardens which contain olive and fig trees, and grape-vines. Completed his post graduation from Delhi University and Ph.D. from Mumbai University in Arabic/translation.
Morad began working in his First movie Production (the 7th floor) in the year of 2008 the story is written by him and directed by Mr. Iqbal Qureshi.the promo of his movie become super hit and very famous on net, full movie yet incomplete. His first collection of Poetry (For the Eyes of the Princess) in the year of 2010 He and Uri Gover come with new idea become very famous on net (Travel Without Borders) encouraging people to look at each culture while traveling together and How to keep the peace with your travel companion, whether it's stranger, a friend or a family

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  1. Guest28122943

     i love morad yasin he is cool


  2. Guest28074808

    Dr Morad is the king of making movie, at school time while he was a school boy he directed several short scary shows, he win the 14years old gold prize, at the age of 17 he was in the news papers and Media at jordan for several week for his school show a faces at grave yard

    later on his tallent was exblode at the scene of the 7th floor mystrey.

    Dr Mord had been approached by several producer to direct his story 'the Jail and the grave"

    Right now roamers take about his new  production, the demon death at desert.


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